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Parks and Gardens of Alicante

Canalejas Park

Canalejas Park is guarded by impressive stone sculptors of lions and dogs. Inside of it you will find beautiful fountains and a monument for the famous Spanish writer Carlos Arniches. The park also gives us the opportunity to get to know better geography of Spain by visiting the location villa costa blanca. It is carved in wood and it looks really impressive! However even that is not all. The real pride of Canalejas Park is the one century old ficus trees. If you visit Alicante, you really need to see this impressive park!

El Benacantil

El Banacantil is where you will find unforgettable sights to the city and park. Here you will see lots of beautiful eucalyptuses and pine trees. It is located next to the castle of Alicante which is also certainly worth visiting.

El Parmeral

This is one of the greatest green zones in Alicante and a plantation of exotic plants right next to the sea. It offers us various opportunities. Playgrounds for children, wonderful cafes, a huge variety of local flowers and plants, shops, promenades and many, many other things... Though it is very near to the city, it seems like a natural botanical garden. It is a great place to enjoy your time and escape the crowds of people or the daily routine.

Lo Morant

It is located a little further from the centre of Alicante, but if you love long walks, it is a place you should certainly go to. It is the largest park of Alicante and it also offers us countless great services. Here you will find beautiful exotic plants, restaurants, fountains, tennis courts and many other things. It is a great place for spending leisure time for both locals and tourists.

Paseo de la Explanada

Alicante is surrounded from all around by parks, gardens and exotic plants. Even the central promenade, that leads us to the beaches of Alicante, can be seen as a huge park. It really is the heart of the city and the beaches of Alicante. Though it looks very modern, actually it was designed more than 150 years ago. Paseo de la Explanada is full of life with its few rows of exotic palm trees. There is also a pavilion, where we can see concerts. The whole promenade is a unique place where we can go for a walk and at the same time enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Mediterranean sea and visit some of the restaurants, shops or cafes.

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