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Museums in Alicante


For those who do not want to spend their whole holiday lazing on the beach there is plenty to do in Alicante. For one, there are a wealth of historical and cultural things to see including the old town, museums and old buildings of note. There are a number of interesting museums in Alicante that those interested in history and the local area should visit.

Museums to visit

One of note is the Archaeology Museum which focuses on regional finds. It originally housed items of interest from local digs in the area and housed in the local government building, and is now located in San Juan de Dios hospital which provides a great layout for the artefacts. It shows ancient items discovered from local digs as well as recent finds, maison espagne, paintings and other interesting monuments. It also includes a number of artefacts of significance relative to the city’s past including tools used during Roman times to items found dating back to Moorish occupation.

Others will like to head to the palace of Santa Barbara to view the Capa artefacts. This is a great assembly of items from more modern periods and includes a large amount of artefacts and artwork, including some displayed periodically as part of a revolving exhibition. There are some very interesting sculptures and statues, including pieces by Dali, other local artists and some international works.

The Asegurada houses a great display of modern art from across the country. In modern style, the pieces displayed include modern art work and drawings, statues and paintings and include some of the big names in modern art from Spain and further abroad.

If you are interested in history and in particular in the impact the Moors had on the landscape of the area during the Arab occupation, then you may wish to see the water wells at Garrigos. Fantastic examples of early engineering, the wells had been built to store and provide the town with water. The site has been renovated in the 1800s and can be visited, and interested parties can also see the treasures unearthed at the site, including old cups, water containers and utensils.

Finally, there’s the Museum of Nativity which you can find in the old town. Built during the early 1800s the house shows some interesting paintings and descriptions of the time of the birth of Christ as well as his ministry, produced by Spain’s leading religion artists. Of course, the museum would not be complete without a large nativity set as well as examples of other country’s works.

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