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Monuments and museums in Marbella


For those who are more interested in local history and culture than the beaches and bars, there is still plenty to see in Marbella. The town’s rich history ensures that there is a wide range of monuments and buildings to visit, all with their own interesting stories to tell. So take a break from the beach and check out some of the interesting sites in the area, locations espagne which are worthwhile viewing and will help you see a little of the local history and culture whilst you stay in the area.

Things to see

Head first to the castle (or what’s left of it) on the old town. After the reconquista when the Christian population took control of the town, much of the Moorish architecture was destroyed, however part of the castle has survived. The walls that stand to this day are an important testament to that time and the engineering used by the Moors to protect the city. Only a small part remains today of what was previously an extensive protective network surrounding the town.

Before the Arab conquest of Spain it was the Romans, amongst others, who left their mark. A true gem is the small town known as Rio Verde, which belonged to the Romans and only discovered 50 years ago. A small part has been excavated – the rooms of which you can view today, providing an interesting insight into the time.

Others will love a trip to the older section in Marbella which shows fantastic architecture which has not changed much since the 1500s. It is a charming area with many interesting and traditional buildings of note, and is will liked by many who come to enjoy its unique atmosphere and shop in the boutiques in the area.

Near this older part of town is a very interesting church, known as the Incarnation. Off the picturesque Orange Place, you’ll find this church to be charming, dating back to the 15th century. Likewise, if you’re interested in art then you’ll love the Engraving museum. It shows a great range of local modern art as well as more famous pieces of work from internationally acclaimed artists.

Finally, the nearby town of San Pedro is a good place to see very old structures which date to 500AD, including some remains of an old church or two. Artefacts recovered from this site can be viewed in the local museum back in Marbella.

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