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Spanish Culture

From cuisine, to art, to architecture, the Spanish culture is a medley of different cultures.

Spain has a total area of 504, 030 km sq. of land making it the second largest country in the European Union. Sure the different aspects of culture contribute to the country's tourism, but it is the beaches that really capture the heart of many.

Spanish Culture And Customs

Spanish Language

Spoken by majority of the Spanish population, Spanish or Castilian is the official language of the country and it was in the 15th century when the language went a major overhaul.

Spanish Food

It is safe to say that the Spanish cuisine, greatly influenced by seafood, is very broad since there are only a few recipes that can be found throughout the country. Fabada Asturiana being the most popular dish in Spain. The Spanish signature dishes commonly include their staple food such as potatoes.

Authentic grocery shopping in markets is still very much alive in Spanish location villa piscine, even with the existence of malls nowadays.

Being named as the world's third largest wine producer, The Spanish's love for wine cannot be denied. It is a common sight to see wine being drunk after meals.

Spain's Religion

Spain is home to the different religions of the world. Though majority are Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews and Christians can all be found here living together without commotion.

Festivals and Traditions

It is traditional for every Spanish town and city to have their own festivities aside from those national events like Christmas, All Saints Day, Easter Week, etc, but these festivities are rooted from the Catholicism that they practice. Bullfighting, both viewed as an art form and a recreational sport, is one of the most famous festival in the country. It is still alive in some parts of Spain despite of the animal activist’s disapproval.

Spanish Dress Code

Quality is still the number one factor that the Spanish look for in clothes despite their love for the branded and designer ones. Style is seen from every age group. Those who are matured enough dresses guardedly but still stylish, same goes for those in the corporate world – sharp yet stylish. Fine accessories are also revered by both men and women and therefore are always part of their attire. It shows that the Spanish do not skimp when it comes to fashion, as long as it passes their standards, then no matter how expensive it is, it is worthy expenditure.

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