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Tourist attraction ideas for visitors to Barcelona

Whether you go to Barcelona as a visitor or to stay for a long time, there are always lots of things to see and do. Home to Gaudi’s beautifully designed buildings; Barcelona also magnetizes those who love art and nature. A blend of both can be seen in the beaches, historical buildings, museums, etc. Historians would love a visit to the collection of museums here, such as the Archeology Museum of Catalonia, location espagne, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, Cosmocaixa science museum, Maritime Museum and Erotic Museum. But most of all, you can find here very affordable hotels that can provide for your every need.

Pallella in Barceloneta: Barceloneta is a very nice neighborhood near the beach. It is very tranquil and has loads of restaurants and shops on its small streets. You will also find the best pallella here which is a seafood and rice dish, served in a huge pan made of metal with oysters, lobsters, clams and shrimp. You should definitely have this dish served Catalunyan style. After having this you can go for a stroll or relax on the beach. Or you may even go shopping for keepsakes or swimsuits.

City Tour:

The tour starts from the large Plaza Catalunya in the center of the city. There are many bus companies offering guided tours or bike tours of the city. The tours are normally a few hours and you will get a glimpse of various architectural delights and attractions. For lunch the tours stop at some known café or restaurant where you can relax for a while. Since it gets very hot in the summer you are advised to bring a hat and plenty of water with you.


There are many museums and cultural joints in Barcelona. Start at the Picasso Museum which is in the town’s center in the Barrio Gotico. Here you can find many paintings by this grand artist. Next, visit the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) showcasing the cultural transformation of the city. There is an Erotic Museum too on La Rambla. People who love chocolates can even visit a Chocolate Museum called the Museu de la xocolata which has caricatures of famous soccer players. There is a gift shop with a huge collection of chocolates from all around the world.

Parliament Park:

There is a huge park close to La Rambla where there are many plazas and benches, from which you can watch the crowd. You can even rent a bike for a few Euros and can visit an aquarium, The Parliament House in the park and even a zoo.

Park Guell:

This park is in the city’s north, giving you a splendid view of the city; an ideal location for a picnic. You can also find a famous plaza designed by Gaudi.

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