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Overview of Barcelona city

Overview of Barcelona city

The city of Barcelona is a popular tourist destination and cosmopolitan international city, popular amongst Europeans for city breaks. Located on the Mediterranean, the city allows for a thrilling city break coupled with the sand and sea that many crave on a holiday. The tourist resorts in the greater area provide a traditional holiday in locations vacances espagne, and their proximity to Barcelona gives them an exciting city break nearby.  Barcelona is second in size only to Spainís glamorous capital Madrid, and is a regional capital with a distinct individualist flair. With a huge population of over four million people in the greater metropolitan area, the city of Barcelona is both culturally and economically important for Spain.

Importance in Spain

The city retains major Mediterranean influences and is one of the most important cities on the Mediterranean Sea. Like many cities and towns in Spain the city of Barcelona has roman heritage and the town grew to a city over the centuries. An important player in the 1800ís, Barcelona grew strategically and industrially to become an important commercial hub. The unique identity of Catalonia, including the language, is fearlessly promoted in the region with Barcelona at the forefront. Its cultural and artistic influence extends beyond Catalonia into the whole of Spain.

Old and Modern

One of the most wonderful aspects of a trip to Barcelona is the juxtaposition of old and new. Despite having some of the most modern buildings in Europe, the old gothic town of Barcelona has remained unchanged for centuries. The old townís small narrow streets are in stark contrast to the modern Eixample district which was expressly planned to be wide, open and modern.

Tourist facilities

Thanks to the influx of tourists on an annual basis, the city has developed a great tourist infrastructure with all the necessary facilities. There are a great range of hotels for a variety of budgets, and hostels for those looking to watch the pennies. The abundance of low cost airlines operating from the UK and mainland Europe ensures itís very easy and economical to get to Barcelona, whether for a weekend break or a longer stay. The city has a number of initiatives to help tourists make the most of their stay. These include bike hire and information points where you can find out everything you need to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. As always, the restaurants are fantastic and youíll be able to try a wide range of food.

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