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Holidays In Cartagena

Visiting Spain

Spain is absolutely outstanding; it is that type of country that attracts millions and millions of visitors every year without any efforts, as its spectacular beauty is the best advantage a country can have. Visiting Spain is described by the ones who have already done it as a lifetime and life changing experience, as something that will offer you wonderful locations costa brava and the possibilities to try the fragrances and the perfumes of a very special nation! You have to try a holiday in Spain! I assure you that you will never regret your choice.

The beautiful Cartagena

Cartagena is one of the most popular destinations in Spain, Murcia’s second largest city and one of the most important and active ports in the country. The history of the city is a very old, interesting and rich one; founded by the Carthaginians no sooner than the 3rd century BC, as even the name indicates it, Cartagena was conquered by the Romans during the famous Punic War. The Romans helped the city reach its peak, transforming it into a very flourishing one because of two reasons: the nearby silver mine that started to be exploited and the Garum fish sauce that was much appreciated in the entire Roman Empire. Unfortunately, the Vandals destroyed Cartagena in the 5th century, but tourists can still visit some remarkable ruins, such as the Roman Theatre, dating back to the 1st century BC.

Places to visit

There are many more places to visit in Cartagena besides the Roman Theatre. A fine example is the Nuestra Senora Asuncion Cathedral, built in the 13th century; today, only its ruins survive, as the Cathedral was almost entirely destroyed during the Civil War. Castillo Conception is the beautiful fortress you’ll find right above the port, built in the 13th century in such a way as to incorporate the ruins of the outstanding Roman Amphitheatre. The Santo Domingo Church and the Iglesia Del Carmen, displaying original Neoclassical and Baroque architectural styles are also worth visiting.

The 19th century Iglesia de Caridad deserves your attention thanks to the spectacular Baroque paintings hosted behind its walls. Last but not least, visit the City Hall, the Aguirre Palace and the Casino, which are fine examples of modernist architecture. As you can see, Cartagena is a place full of history and with numerous monuments that deserve your attention, so consider it as destination for one of your future holidays!

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Club Villamar offers many holiday villas dispersed all over locations costa brava and whether on the location espagne denia. For all these reasons, thousands of vacationers choose to spend their holidays in a beautiful location tossa. And here you can also read my other Articles Franck Lisle Article 1, Franck Lisle Article 2 and also read my Bookmarking Franck Lisle Bookmarking.

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