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A Spectacular Girona

The Spanish experience

It is said that you have to live at least once in your lifetime the outstanding Spanish experience; well, whoever says it has probably fallen in love with the country. In fact, it is almost impossible not to fall in love with it after you visit it once, as its beauties seem like being taken from another galaxy. It is unreal the feeling you get when you see all those Alcazabas (the Moorish mosques), the Arab palaces, the modernist architecture, the Roman remains and the breathtaking landscapes. You will adore it!

Choosing the Spanish destination

Spain has hundreds and hundreds of places to visit location vacances espagne and each with its individual identity, with its unique attractions and its own welcoming people. If you are in trouble with choosing the right destination for you, I can help you by recommending Girona. Girona is the capital city of the beautiful Costa Brava and a popular destination thanks to its location: just 100 kilometers away from the famous Barcelona and around 60 kilometers away from France.

Girona is a city that will attract you with its past, especially if you are a history lover, as its heritage is a very rich one. The historic center of the city is extremely well preserved and its old walls, built by the Romans (who also founded the city) are well conserved, so worth visiting. If you love sightseeing, donít miss the Santa Maria Cathedral; its construction started in the 11th century and ended only in the 18th century, which led to the interesting combination of architectural elements: Romanesque, Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic, these are the periods displayed by the walls of the Cathedral.

The Justice Palace, also known as Casa Pastors and the Pia Almoina, a building built in the 14th century in a Gothic style are two other monuments that you are not allowed to miss. The former Jewish Quarter, with its narrow, medieval alleys patiently waits to be discovered and explored, so allocate a couple of hours from your free time to it! The Moorish Bathes represent another important attraction for tourists; built in 1194, the bathes were used by the inhabitants of Girona until the 15th century. If you visit Girona with your lover, one of the four bridges that link the two parts of the city represent perfect locations for romantic walks, so offer them some of your attention! Enjoy Girona!

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Club Villamar offers many holiday villas dispersed all over location vacances espagne and whether on the location villa lloret. For all these reasons, thousands of vacationers choose to spend their holidays in a beautiful villa javea. And here you can also read my other Articles Franck Lisle Article 1, Franck Lisle Article 2 and also read my Bookmarking Franck Lisle Bookmarking.

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