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The Navarra Region in Spain

All about a Spanish holiday

Do you want to spend a memorable summer holiday? Are you in difficulty because you have no idea what destination to choose? I can help you by recommending you the sunny Spain. Spain is one of the most visited countries not only on the European continent, but in the entire world, as it is an extremely diverse country that matches the interests and preferences of any type of tourist. The diverse country is always ready to offer you an imposing mountain peak, villa espagne piscine, a fine beach bathed by crystal clear waters, an old monument that tells the story of one of its corners, a modern and cosmopolite city ready to entertain you with its pubs, restaurants and nightclubs or a picturesque, whitewashed old village where the customs and the traditions of the country survived the passing of time. I assure you that a Spanish holiday will be a memorable one, as this country knows how to make you fall in love with it!

Visiting Navarra

Navarra is not one of the biggest regions in Spain, but it surely is a beautiful one, with a long list of things to do and places to visit. The region has a very agitated history, with France, Aragon, the Bask land and Castile playing important roles in its development. It is this history that most attracts tourists to Navarre, as the monuments and the buildings lie as testimonies for the past events. Navarra can be described as a region with an impressive monumental richness, thanks to Saint James’ Way, the route followed by thousands of pilgrims every year, so make sure you have enough time at your disposal for visiting all the Cathedrals, castles and palaces.

However, these are not Navarre’s only attractions; cities such as Artajona, still surrounded by its medieval walls, Estella Olite, the city where Navarre’s kings had their seat or Tudela are definitely worth a visit. The capital city of Navarre is Pamplona, the most famous Spanish city regarding its dangerous and full of adrenaline tradition: bullfighting. The festival that takes place in Pamplona every year having as main event the running of bulls is one of the most famous celebrations in the country. While in Navarre, also make sure that you have time to visit some of the 50 nature preserves on its territory, as the views are exceptional. Enjoy Navarre to the fullest!

About the author

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