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Spain - The Hidden Wonders Of Alcoy

The city of bridges, hidden between mountains and lying at the junction of four rivers, Alcoy is a historically rich, culturally eclectic city full of interesting sights. About 45 km north of Alicante, it is easy to reach from the larger city and worth the trip.

The City

Founded and built around the cotton and paper industry, Alcoy has grown into its own over the past two centuries. It began its modernization during the last part of the Spanish industrial revolution and hasn’t stopped. With a population of around 60,000, it is a growing center of culture in Spain. The first Spanish industrial school was founded here and its central streets are adorned with classical architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Inside Alcoy, the bridges that cross the four rivers are renowned for their structural beauty. The Archeological Museum features much of the town’s history and focuses on its Greco-Roman roots. There are even several archeological sites within the city such as La Serreta and El Puig that date from the 5th century B.C. The historical significance of the sites can be seen in the remnants of the many towns and villages from throughout the ages. From a 12th century castle and the Na Valora tower of the 13th century to the hermitage of San Antonio Abad of the 18th century, a tourist can retrace the footsteps of ancient peoples and get a glimpse back in time.

The Festival

The fiesta of the Moros y Cristianos is celebrated vigorously in Alcoy from the 21st to the 24th of April every year. This is the most important cultural event in the city and everyone gets involved and helps to organize.

The first day of the festival is dedicated to musicians. Bands and street performers play traditional music all day and then gather in the city square to play a celebratory hymn in the evening. On the second day, visitor participation is encouraged in the colorful processions of ancient armies. In the morning, the Christians will enter the city followed by the Moors in the evening. On the third day, the celebrations continue with tributes to San Jorge or Saint George. The final day sees the recreation of the famous battle el Alardo. The two armies march down the streets, weapons in hand and making a lot of noise. After a great showing of military might, the ambassadors sign the peace treaty in the town square.

With so many fun things to do and see, Alcoy is a must-see on any vacation to the Alicante region of Spain and location villa costa brava. Take the entire family as there are plenty of interesting activities for everyone.

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