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Quality Time In Castilla La Mancha

The beautiful Castilla La Mancha

Castilla La Mancha is a spectacular Spanish province located right in its center. The region is surrounded by a table land, but those who love the mountains will also have the chance to enjoy beautiful views dominated by high peaks. The major tourist attraction in location catalogne, Castilla La Mancha is its outstanding list containing historical cities with rich heritages that deserve being visited at least once in a lifetime. Toledo, Albacete and Cuenca are ‘’musts’’ on your route, but you should also take into consideration a few alternative tourist routes such as the Route of the Black Villages, the Route of the Castles, the Saffron Fields’ Route or Don Quijote’s Route.

I assure you that you will have a great time! The region, as all the other Spanish regions, has its typical gastronomy that will delight all your senses. While visiting Castilla La Mancha, you have to taste the stews, the sausages and the popular and famous Manchego Cheese; the wines produced in the regions are absolutely fantastic and they are a perfect match, especially with the cheese. Castilla La Mancha is also a region where the old customs and traditions of the country survived, so enjoy the beauty of the artisan work, the ceramics and the embroidering.

Visiting the cities

Castilla La Mancha’s cities are true treasures hiding outstanding monuments and a rich cultural and archaeological heritage. Toledo is the capital city of the regions and the country’s former capital and it is considered to be one of Spain’s architectonical jewels. Hometown of the famous El Greco, Toledo is a city that will impress you with the monuments dating back to its Moorish, Mudejar, Renaissance or Gothic periods. Cuenca comes next on the list; tourists describe it as an enchanting medieval city. Thanks to its historical importance, the city was declared a Patrimony of Humanity by the UNESCO.

The landscapes of an unbelievable beauty surround attractions such as the Hanging Houses, the impressive Gothic Cathedral and the Abstract Art Museum. Guadalajara is a major attraction of the region thanks to the unique Mudejar architectural style hosted behind its walls. While in Guadalajara, you have to visit the Duque Del Infantado Palace dating back to the 15th century and the Moorish town walls. Ciudad Real is marked by the figure of Don Quijote, while Albacete became famous thanks to the fact that it is one of the most important cities in the world regarding the knife production. Enjoy your visit!

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