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Castilla Y Leon as a Tourist Destination

Visiting the Spanish regions

Spain is a beautiful country that deserves your tourist attention, as I am sure that you will love to spend a holiday there. Spain is that type of country that contains several regions, each with its own history, culture, customs and traditions, each with something special, unique and original that will impress you. One of the most famous regions in Spain is Castilla y Leon, Location villa , known as being its largest as well. Castilla y Leon is a region where the plain dominates; however, the plain is surrounded by mountain ranges from all parts: Sistema Iberico, Cordillera Central and Cordillera Cantabrica. Castilla y Leon is a region of great importance for the medieval history of the country and a place where many of the old monasteries, castles, cathedrals and fortified towns were preserved.

This means that you have plenty of things to see and monuments to visit in Castilla y Leon, so you will need a lot of energy during your holiday. The region will also offer you spectacular natural parks and long kilometers of virginal nature, with outstanding woods of cork oaks and oaks. The gastronomy stands out with delicious meats, especially lamb, but the vegetables also play an important role in the local dishes. The folklore is rich and varied, while the popular celebrations are at every step.

Castilla y Leonís cities

Salamanca is the city that hosts the old and famous University, one of the oldest on the continent; you will be welcomed in Salamanca by a rich cultural heritage, so prepare yourself for a long list containing sightseeing spots. Segovia is a city with a rich Roman heritage; you have to see the Roman aqueduct, which is colossal, the Gothic Cathedral and the Alcazar. Leon is a city that deserves being visited especially by those who love the different architectural styles.

The city is patiently waiting for you with the spectacular Romanesque frescoes, the Gothic Cathedral, the Roman gold mines and the San Isidoro Church. Zamoraís jewel is the medieval Cathedral, but the Romanesque churches are also spectacular, so try not to miss them! Valladolid has one of the most beautiful and famous Sculpture Museums in Spain, but the biggest attraction is the Easter procession especially for the religious type of tourists. Castilla y Leon is a region that has many things to offer to its tourists, so consider it as destination for one of your holidays! It really deserves your attention!

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