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An Outstanding Holiday in Catalonia

A famous and popular Spanish region

Catalonia is best known for one of its cities, Barcelona, but the Mediterranean coast, with its Costa Brava and Costa Dorada represents an important attraction point for those tourists who choose the region as their holiday destination. Catalonia is a region with ample beaches, a mild climate and a long list of places to visit, so boredom is not an option for you while there! The first rate tourist attraction also has high mountain ranges, location villa espagne such as the Pyrenees in the north or Montserrat, which is a very curious formation; the outstanding landscapes are dominated in some of the parts by the Garrotxa inactive volcano, while its center can be described as a wide plain area.

The landscapes are spectacular, even breathtaking, so I assure you that you will be amazed by their beauty; try to spend as much time as possible in open air spaces, as these are the moments that offer you lifetime memories. Catalonia is a region with a culture of its own in which the Mediterranean tradition has a very strong word to say. However, it can be described as a cosmopolitan region, as it has a very long experience in which concerns the international commerce. The coast is great for those who love practicing water sports, but the main reason why Catalonia is such a popular region is that it manages to create a perfect balance between the beauties of nature and the modern attractions. The seafood is very much present in Cataloniaís traditional dishes, so try a few of them; also try the Catalonian Cream, a delicious and very popular dessert.

Major attractions in Catalonia

Barcelona is undoubtedly the most important city in the region, with structures worthy for a true metropolis. The Gothic Quarter and Antoni Gaudiís architectural works are a Ďímustíí on your sightseeing list. Girona is a historic city that will attract you with its beautiful and perfectly well preserved Jewish Quarter, so put it on your tour route! Figueres is an important attraction for Catalonia due to the fact that it is the birthplace of Salvador Dali; the museum dedicated to the artistís life and work is absolutely fantastic! Tarragona is a city where tourists have the chance to see the outstanding Roman heritage, so make sure you donít miss it! While in Catalonia, also visit Costa Dorada and Costa Brava, as the views that wait for you there are of an unequaled beauty. Enjoy your Spanish holiday!

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