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The Unique Navarre

An attractive region

Navarre is one of the Spanish regions that deserve being visited at least once; it is in fact an Autonomous Community province, an ancient, superb medieval kingdom that patiently waits for its visitors somewhere along the French border. Navarre will impress you with the unique French flavor that perfectly goes with the location villa piscine espagne one, creating an original atmosphere that will transform your holiday into a memorable one. As soon as you make your first steps in Navarre you are taken with assault by the testimonies that show the important role played  by Navarre in the past, role favored by its strategic location; this means that you have to prepare yourself for a very interesting history lesson, as well as for a long list of sightseeing attractions. If you love history and the mountains, especially the Pyrenees, then Navarre is the perfect place for you!

Visiting Navarre

Pamplona is the most famous and popular city in Navarre and capital of the province; it has a superb location, with the Pyrenees guarding it and the Arga River bathing it. Pamplona can be described as a modern city, with attractive buildings and avenues, but this does not mean that the old hasn’t been preserved here. In Pamplona, you will have the chance to visit medieval constructions that tell the story of the past: the Cathedral, which was rebuilt in a fantastic Gothic style in 1397, the Navarre Museum, the Diocesan Museum, Monreal, which is a famous former royal residence, and the City Hall. Pamplona is a city where you will use a lot of energy, as there are numerous places and monuments that deserve your entire attention; this means that the city is not a suitable one for a relaxing holiday in the warm sun.

La Barunda Valley is a ‘’must’’ on your list, because not only it is of a remarkable beauty, but it also hosts the San Pedro Hermitage and Alsasua, a very important centre of communications. If you want to visit the Roman traces, go to Estella, a place that breathes out medieval history through all its pores. Here, you have to see the Romanesque Portal, the Gothic Church and San Juan Bautista Church. Last but not least, visit Tafalla: it is a paradise on earth, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. As you can see, Navarre is a magnificent tourist destination that will surely attract you! Enjoy it!

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