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The Spanish Region of Andalusia

The amazing region of Andalusia

Andalusia is one of the most famous and at the same time popular regions in Spain, one that attracts millions of visitors every year. Tourists describe it as a fascinating place where the spectacular Moorish monuments, the picturesque white hills towns, the amazingly sparkling blue coast and the splendid natural beauty of the mountainous part of the region makes you helplessly fall in love with it. If we think about Andalusia in numbers, then we find out the fact that it contains eight provinces; each province comes with its own, unique cultural and historical heritages and with its own set of traditions and customs. This is the reason why you have to visit the entire region if you want to understand its essence. Jaen, Cordoba, Seville, Cadiz, Huelva, Granada, Almeria and Malaga are the eight provinces that patiently wait to be explored and discovered, locations vacances espagne have a wonderful holiday idea for the fast approaching summer.

The hidden treasures in Andalusia

Andalusia, exactly as many other regions in Spain, was ruled by several cultures over the centuries, but the Moors left the most important fingerprints on everything that represents this beautiful part of Spain. The mixed race of Arabs and Berbers ruled over the country for about eight hundred years and during the Middle Ages developed a very sophisticated civilization that could be found in Granada, Seville and Cordoba. In Andalusia, every single village, town and city is a spectacular combination of Christian and Moorish influences, preserving outstanding monuments such as the Alhambra Palace in Granada or the Gothic Cathedrals in Seville.

Since you are in Andalusia, you are not allowed to miss the beautiful white towns which surround Ronda, as they are the ones that offer an unspoiled view into the life of the province, with all the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds them, with all the delicious home cooking and the Moorish and Christian churches and castles. If you are the type of person who loves to use a lot of energy on their holiday, then the Sierra Nevada mountains represent the perfect destination for you, as they are great for trekking and skiing in the winter; as for the ones who prefer the sand and the water, the Tarifa coast will delight you with a warm sun and waters always ready to receive the tourists who love surfing. Have a memorable holiday!

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Club Villamar offers many holiday villas dispersed all over locations vacances espagne and whether on the location villa lloret. For all these reasons, thousands of vacationers choose to spend their holidays in a beautiful location calella. And here you can also read my other Articles Franck Lisle Article 1, Franck Lisle Article 2 and also read my Blogs Franck Lisle Blogs.

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