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The Magnificient Canary Islands

A holiday in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a tropical paradise hidden in one of Spain"s corners; the seven islands that form the group represent a perfect destination for a perfect sea-side holiday. One during which you can enjoy the spectacular, warm sun of the Mediterranean and the crystal clear waters of the sea. If you decide to spend one of your holidays location en espagne, make sure you have enough time to explore them because you will discover the beauties of the sub-tropical vegetation, as well as volcanic semi-deserts, verdant gorges, rocky cliffs, sand dunes and the sandy, golden sea shore. It all feel like a dream come true!

Crafts and folklore

The Canary Islands represent a place where some of the oldest customs and traditions of the country managed to survive the passing of time, so the folklore is one of their main attractions. Tourists will be entertained with popular songs and dances that have a very unique, characteristic cadence that offers them a very exotic and original feeling. This cadence is given by the timple, the typical musical instrument used by the locals. In which concerns the crafts, I assure you that you will fall in love with the embroidery work, as the Canary women are extremely skilled and have refined tastes. They even produce very delicate objects by carving harsh, rigid wood.

Sports and cooking

If you are the type of person who loves to practice sports and to use a lot of energy during the holidays, the Canary Islands are perfect for you. The waters are perfect for swimming, fishing, and even surfing, but there are also a lot of clubs that offer you the opportunity to practice horseback riding, tennis, golf or trap shooting. While on holiday, make sure you taste the delicious, local cuisine that uses a lot of fresh fish. Usually, the fish is served with the popular papas arrugadas (this dish is in fact potato boiled in salt water) and a hot sauce known as mojo. The bananas and the tomatoes are also very popular, while the avocado pears and the papaya fruits are used in many sweets.

The perfect destination

As you can see, the Canary Islands are a small piece of heaven on earth, a place where you can enjoy a memorable holiday in a spectacular climate. You have to visit the islands at least once in your lifetime, as they are absolutely superb!

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