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Spain a brief historical overview


Spain has a varied and deeply unique past. It"s a gem for tourists interested in adding a little bit of history to their locations costa brava holiday, thanks to the preservation of many historical sights and the many towns and cities that were designed and developed by previous ruling leaders which have preserved their original layouts.

The Phoenicians, Romans and Goths all laid their claim to this land during its early populated history. The Romans left their mark in the various unearthed ancient towns and villages, where you can still view amphitheatres and old streets in some areas. Many cities and towns fell into decline after the fall of the Roman Empire until the Moors entered from the south and took over most of the country.  The Moorish influence is still visible to this day in Spain and areas such as Andalucia retain a distinctly Islamic feel thanks to the 800 years of Moorish rule.

It was only when the Christian rulers and kingdoms in the far north of the country regrouped and fought back the Arab settlers that Spain was finally regained as a Christian kingdom after 8 centuries of Arab rule. The reconquista was a huge victory for the Spanish Christians and its events are still celebrated in towns and villages around the country in vibrant festivals and parties. However, it is to the Moors that the Spanish owe their picturesque narrow cobbled streets that burst onto beautiful plaza squares, and their palm trees and fountains.

Modern History

As Spain headed to modern times the southern cities of Seville and Cadiz played important strategic roles in the discovery of the new world, launching ships and men to Latin America and receiving back many influences including music, food and dance. To this day Spain retains precious links with southern America and has welcomed a mix of Latin American populations to her shores.

Modern times

The history of Spain is therefore not straightforward, and the lingering affect of years of Arab rule lives on in the cities and towns. Heading to Granada one certainly feels the Arab influence in the beauty of the Alhambra and old town. Many Spanish streets or towns have romanised their old Arab names, and many of their churches and cathedrals are built on former mosques, some with their minarets still peekinf through the top.  These southern cities are a unique blend of old and new, and you will definitely enjoy the atmosphere of any town or village in Spain, as well as the good food and wine, and of course the friendly locals.

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