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La Seu – Valencia’s Cathedral


The beautiful cathedral in Valencia – known as La Seu – is located in the beautiful old part of the City. Boasting beautiful medieval architecture and housing some valuable old paintings as well as a holy chalice, reputed to be the one used by Jesus Christ at the last supper and used by many Popes throughout the ages. Popes John Paul and Benedict have both visited the cathedral. Built on the site of an original church followed by a Moorish mosque, the Cathedral was built in mainly gothic style over centuries although construction began in the 13th Century and there is evidence of baroque and Romanesque styles as well. Despite damage by fire during the Spanish Civil War the cathedral remains a beautiful sight. Visiting the cathedral is free however you will have to give a small donation in order to receive the very interesting guided tour available.

What to see in the cathedral

There is a bell tower adjacent to the Cathedral which, if you’re feeling up to it, offers a beautiful panorama of the city and view of some of Valencia’s best landmarks. You’ll just have to manage the heavy climb up the many steps as there is unfortunately no lift!

Head round to the door of the Apostles (Puerto de los Apostoles) every Thursday before lunch and you could be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some of the rural farmers discussing their water and irrigation difficulties! This has been going on for generations and generations and the process remains unchanged throughout.

The church is open for prayer daily and tours and audio guides are available in many languages. If you are able to attend a service, you should do, as the choir is particularly talented and the building makes the sound of their voices ever more beautiful. There has been some remarkably detailed work done on the cathedral frescoes thanks to some talented artists and the paintings and frescos have now been restored to their full glory. Whether you are interested in the artwork, architecture, the holy chalice or the history of the building, the Cathedral will be sure to interest you. Or, you may want to pop in and spend some quiet time in between the shopping and sightseeing in the cool interior of the Cathedral walls. Either way, the Cathedral of Valencia will be sure to welcome you as it has done others for centuries.

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