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Historical buildings of Madrid

Older buildings

There are quite a few historic buildings in modern Madrid that you should definitely try and see. Already well established by medieval times, the city boasts some fine construction dating back to the middle ages. Head to the Plaza de la Villa and check out the former prison of French King Francis housed in the Lujanes tower. Nearby, there’s a fantastic display of old newspapers, dating back to the 1900s and open daily for those interested in local history, housed in the Hemeroteca Municipal. Heading away from the square you’ll have to navigate narrow alleys but soon reach the church of San Nicolas de los Servitas. This red brick church is Madrid’s oldest, despite its well kept façade. Boasting a tower reminiscent of Spain’s Arab past, it’s located near to San Pedro el Real. A real point of interest is the old Moreria which still retains its Arab features.

Following the reconquista maison espagne was back in the hands of the Christians. During the Habsburg Empire the city buildings flourished. Near the main square you’ll find wonderful archways which lead into the Plaza Mayor, which during the era as now was a bustling meeting place and point of trade. In the past the area was the centre for entertainment and coronation, watched from the many balconies facing the square.

In the Plaza de la Villa you’ll find the town hall and a little further on you’ll reach the Palacio de los Vargas which is an interesting structure from the 16th century which holds a number of even more interesting local artefacts. Also interesting to view is the church of the Basilica of Atocha which was completely destroyed during Franco’s time and eventually rebuilt and renovated in the 1950s. The city boasts many other pleasant squares and plazas, too many to mention here, including the famous Puerta del Sol and the Plaza de las Descalzas amongst others, each with their own interesting buildings and histories and a very pleasant area in which to stroll.

Modern Madrid

In modern times Madrid has built and expanded on its historical roots. As the city began to grow and the population began to rise, town planners were faced with the problem of expansion. However, there have been a number of buildings built which are of note – these include the Telephone exchange, the Fine arts club and of course the Arc de triomphe which you can find in another of Madrid’s many squares – the Plaza de la Moncloa. Finally, head to the Plaza Picasso and view some of the newest buildings in Madrid.

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